JJ Waste



What’s Your Waste Problem?

JJ Waste Management offers tailored solutions for waste collection, recycling, and disposal, ensuring efficiency and sustainability. Let us help you manage waste effectively and responsibly.

Waste Management Homes & Community

We provide door to door, floor to floor waste collection, segregation and processing in our OWC Plant to convert waste into rich compost or manure. Moreover our labs are well-equipped for compost analysis and test services. Call us to know how you can help us reducing waste and contributing towards a greener tommorow.

Waste Management Industry & Corporates

Industrial Waste management is a complex and highly specialised process. We help Industries by providing innovative solutions for effective waste disposal system and reducing their carbon footprint. For Corporates we provide complete waste management system on turnkey basis: installation-management and running of OWC Plants.

Horticultural Services

We provide complete horticultural services from concept, design, construction, managing and maintenance of Green spaces. Our consultants can give you insights on development of Green buildings with incorporation of Vertical, Terrace and Rooftop gardens.

Facility Management Services

We provide complete housekeeping services, facility management, security management and resource management on turnkey basis as per your needs. From Online to Offline delivery of A-Z household goods and to managing and executing Events.


Integrated Waste Reduction Strategies

Integrated waste reduction strategies involve comprehensive approaches to minimize waste generation across production, consumption, and disposal stages.

These strategies include source reduction, recycling programs, composting initiatives, and efficient resource utilization. By integrating these practices, businesses and communities can achieve significant environmental benefits and promote sustainable development.

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