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JJ Waste, a leader in environmentally friendly solutions, transforms waste management through cutting-edge, sustainable techniques, guaranteeing a more environmentally friendly future.


About JJ Waste Solution

JJ Waste Solution Pvt Ltd offers specialized waste management services to Delhi NCR households every day. Our team’s devotion to quality and more than five years of experience guarantee a high rate of customer retention. Our reputation for providing waste management solutions is cemented by the government bodies that trust us, having granted us certifications in ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.


Commercial Waste Management

We consider Commercial Waste: Creating Sustainable Futures” to be more than just a catchphrase. At JJ garbage Solution Pvt Ltd, we recognize how important it is to manage garbage well in order to create a better tomorrow. Our daily service to  families in Delhi NCR is focused on customized solutions that put affordability and environmental sustainability first. With more than five years of expertise in the field and certifications in both ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015, we’re dedicated to providing quality in service while protecting the environment for coming generations.



Revolutionizing Waste Management Solutions


Revolutionizing Waste Management with Innovation


Revolutionizing Waste Management through Innovation.


Revolutionizing Waste Management: Innovative Solutions


Efficient Commercial Waste Solutions

Our efficient commercial waste solutions optimize resource usage, minimize landfill waste, and enhance sustainability for businesses. Through advanced sorting methods and eco-friendly disposal practices, we ensure maximum efficiency and environmental responsibility. Trust us to manage your commercial waste with professionalism and dedication to a greener future.


Selecting a Tailored Waste Solution for Your Business Needs

Discover the ideal waste management solution customized to your business requirements, ensuring seamless integration and optimal efficiency. With a focus on sustainability and cost-effectiveness, our tailored approach addresses your specific waste challenges while aligning with your environmental goals. Trust our expertise to deliver comprehensive solutions that meet your needs and support your business growth



Bioculum pioneers eco-friendly innovations, leveraging advanced microbial technology for sustainable industrial transformation.


Raw Compost

Raw compost enriches soil, fostering healthy plant growth, promoting sustainability, and reducing waste in ecosystems.



Sanitreat disinfects, purifies, and safeguards environments, ensuring cleanliness and hygiene standards for public health.


Plan for Solution

Tailor a waste management plan specifically for your business needs, integrating sustainable practices and cost-effective solutions to optimize efficiency and minimize environmental impact.

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What People Say ?

JJ Waste Management provides reliable, eco-friendly services with excellent customer support, making waste management hassle-free for homes and businesses.

Devalsari club

They did their work pretty well and professionally .Glad to work with them


Thanks for doing work with us . Really appreciate your hard work

Manish Bhatt

Impressed with their work & services

Neeraj Raturi

JJ Waste solution pvt ltd is a very well cultured company. They are highly professional and take good care of their customers

Simran Singh

JJ Waste Solution pvt ltd is a very good company with highly professional workforce .They always deliver what they promise

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